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Energize your Brand.

Be More Than a Bill to Customers.

As a utility company, marketing pays off when customers know your brand beyond a monthly bill or occasional outage. Williams Randall Advertising can help you craft a brand narrative so customers become and stay engaged.

Need compelling creative?

How about a results-driven media campaign?
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We’ve Powered a lot of Creative Projects in the Utility Industry

Whatever’s on your agenda, our team is ready to learn about your goals and work together to blow them out of the water.

Check out some of our favorites below. Ready to chat? Reach out using the form below.

IURC 2023 - :30 'White Line Training'
IURC 2023 - :30 'White Line Training'
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IURC 2023 - :30 'Training Center'
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IURC 2023 - :16 'Curses'
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IURC 2023 - :06 'No Flags'
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Williams Randall developed a comprehensive, entertaining campaign to educate Hoosiers on whitelining and to remind them to call Indiana 811 before they dig.

Making the Mundane Memorable to Change Behavior